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10 min,  drama / fantasy

writer: Jake Thomas

director: Jake Thomas

Sarah, a runaway teenager in the city of Metropolis, encounters a persistent newspaper reporter named Clark Kent who won't leave her alone until she agrees to an interview for his newspaper column. Ten questions -- that's all he asks. In their moments together, the fragments of her tragic life emerge, but her anger towards superheroes and Superman himself explodes in full force. If he is so great and so powerful, why is the world such a horrible place? Why doesn't he do something about it?


Digital Series, Dramedy

writer: Jake Thomas (ep 206, 208, 210)

A young couple's lives are changed when an unexpected addition to their household shows them the true meaning of family.


Optioned comedy series, currently in pre-production

producers: Duplexity Productions

writer: Jake Thomas 

After a deaf single mother endures a painful divorce, her free-spirited best friend persuades her to start dating again.


feature, fantasy / drama

writer: Jake Thomas

director: Jake Thomas

A bored house cat who wishes to escape his life mysteriously transforms into a human and helps a broken family heal from their emotional wounds.


12 min, drama


writer: Jake Thomas

director: Isaiah Smith

While preparing for a life-changing audition, a young violinist discovers she is going deaf.

"Bow" is curently touring the international film festival circuit.  Request a link. 


14 min, fantasy / dramedy

writer: Jake Thomas

director: Erin Brown Thomas

Stan is a shy and hopeless romantic who pines after his best friend Cindy. Too scared to risk sharing his true feelings, he instead imagines a world where his action movie heroics woo her time and again. However, when Cindy is offered a job overseas, Stan must man up and mirror the hero of his film fantasies in order to win her heart. During their last celebratory dinner, his failed romantic gestures ricochet from reality into fantasy and back again, right up to the heart-pounding and heart-warming climax that ticks down to the wire.

Tidal Waves - Jake Thomas - Mood Image.j
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Comedic Pilot Teleplay

Written by Jake Thomas 

** ISA Fast Track Fellowship Top 50 **

An ex-vangelical faces headaches in life and romance when he becomes the reluctant caretaker of his childhood best friend, a pastor's kid who suffered a nervous breakdown and now believes he is a Biblical prophet.


Dramatic Pilot Teleplay

Written by Jake Thomas

** WINNER **

Cinequest Screenplay Competition -- 3rd Place Winner

Table Read My Screenplay, Austin Film Festival -- Genre Winner


SeriesFest Pitch-a-Thon

Portland Screenplay Awards

ScreenCraft True Story and Public Domain Competition 


SeriesFest Storytellers Initiative

Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 

Sedona International Film Festival Screenplay Competition


BlueCat Screenplay Competition

ScreenCraft TV Pilot Competition

In 1960s New York City, a young comic book fan joins the staff of a scrappy publishing company that must survive both its brewing creative tensions and the rivalry of a corporate Goliath bent on crushing them.

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Ensemble Comedy Feature Screenplay

Story by Jake Thomas & Erin Brown Thomas

Script by Erin Brown Thomas

** Nicholl Semifinalist **

When a manic youth pastor streaks through a Sunday service, church leadership finds themselves center stage in an escalating PR nightmare with only an agnostic intern to instruct them.  The fate of their community hangs on the question: “How should the body of Christ handle the body of Chris?”

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