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"Quiet and contemplative, this emotive but heart-warming two-hander features not a single FX shot or punch thrown,. Concerning a runaway teenage girl, a cigarette lighter and a park bench, director Jake Thomas wanted to show Kal-El's more human side.   - Total Film and SFX Magazine



This is without a doubt the best version of Clark Kent I have ever seen on film. Damn good job. - Cheese4G

I felt more emotion in that 11 mins than I did in the whole of 'Man of Steel'. - John Marshall


Best Superman movie since the 80s. - Darth Heisenburg

This is by far my favorite fan film Ive ever seen. I love the idea of the hero behind the powers. -Trey Vidmn

An 11 minute fanfilm, with no action, just dialogue and characters, made me like superman more than a high budget movie did. - 666 PRODUCTIONS

Perfect in spirit and tone. - Dwight Williams


This is easily some of the best Superman content I’ve ever seen, and he doesn’t even put on the cape until the very end briefly! The writing, the acting, the cinematography, it’s all on point! I love it! - DiamondSpiderProductions

This is phenominal! Totally made my day and made me smile and renewed my belief and hope. I am sharing your work with everyone I know. -Glenn Parsons

In less than 15 minutes, you captured what Superman represents, what he is and how people see him. Simply an amazing work. -Darlo 98

I suffer from anxiety and depression, and some days it's really, really hard to get motivation of courage to do anything. One On One really does help remind me that my heroes are always around when I need them to be, and that having faith in Superman as a good and honest character isn't misplaced. Your film/cast/direction really have gotten me out of some very dark places over the last two or three years, so thank you so much for helping me (and Sarah!) find our way when we lose it. -Dale Who

Thank you for understanding the character and bringing forth this poignant tale. - blakarrot

There are no VFX, no buildings collapsing, just a short scene between a young girl and Clark Kent, not even as Superman. This has cheered me up a lot, because at least now I know, someone out there gets it. Thank you, Jake Thomas! - Petros Ioannou


Sometimes it takes Clark Kent to be a superman. Superheroes are like us minus the super powers. This was so well made. So emotional. Thank you, Mr. Thomas. You are a true Superman fan. You understand him. - Allison Gingold

I absolutely LOVE this with all my heart. - Jacob Draven

What a lot of people hate about Superman is the fact that he is such a powerful character, thus making it difficult to craft stories for him. I think current and future writers need to draw inspiration from this fan film; maybe they'd remember that even though he isn't from Earth, his heart is just as human as any other. - marcus thatcher


I wish I could Like this a thousand times. It's the best live-action Superman since the Christopher Reeve era. - Zelos Wilder

This brought tears to my eyes.  - Tom Marcoux

I'm not a Superman fan, i've always been more about the Bat, but that was splendid, made me grin and really moved me.  I'd definitely watch more. - Steffi D

Truly not just an inspiring look on why superheroes are important, but also an excellent example of the simpler techniques of film making that go often unnoticed in big budgets. Highly regarded and one of my favorite on screen Kryptonians.. - ray the ugly musician


this film is rare in it's quality. A film that actually GETS Superman, it amazes me every time I see it. - Julio Garcia


bainbrige film festiavl.jpg

Cleveland International Film Festival
Oscar Qualifier!

Superman Celebration Film Festival

Winner!  Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress

Warner Bros. Employee Film Showcase

Top-Five Finalist in studio-wide contest.

Burbank International Film Festival 

Nominee - Best Faith Based Film

Attic Film Festival

Nominated - Best Screenplay, Best Short

Plus - special alumni showcase during SXSW!

Tri-Cities International Fantastic Fest

Nominee - Best Faith Based Film

Celluloid Bainbridge Film Festival

Unexpected Film Festival

ITSA Film Festival

Lone Star Con 3

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